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Doric 20 SE, a starter vape pen, is simple and durable from appearance to function. Paying homage to the classic design, Doric Order, DORIC 20 SE shows the beauty of strength and elegance with the ratio of column height to column diameter of 6:1, It’s equipped with VOOPOO ITO Cartridge, supported by ITO atomization technology, which brings you a professional mouth-to-lung vaping experience with an ultra-smooth taste. DORIC 20 will support 3 days' vaping with 1200mAh built-in battery and last 10 days' vaping with a rather economical consumption. 

  • Specification
    • Color:5 colors (Black, Red, Gun Metal, Orange, and Green)
    • Size:φ19*118mm(Cartridge Included)
    • Battery: 1200mAh built-in battery
    • Output Power: 8W-18W
    • Battery Charging: Type C 5V/1.5A (fully charged with 1 hour)
    • E-liquid Filling: Side-filling (visible capacity)
    • Kit Cartridge:VOOPOO ITO Cartridge 1.0Ω/2ml
    • Compatible Cartridge:VOOPOO ITO Cartridge 0.7/1.0/1.2Ω,VOOPOO ITO-X POD,VOOPOO ITO POD
  • Ultimate Taste, Long-Lasting Vaping
  • Adopting VOOPOO ITO technology, DORIC 20 SE brings you a professional mouth-to-lung vaping experience with an ultra-smooth taste and a long lifespan coil. Compared with traditional cigarettes and disposable vapes, one DORIC 20 SE' s cartridge will last 10 days' vaping with a rather economical consumption. With a 1200mAh built-in battery, the delicate and small DORIC 20 SE is long-lasting in service and could support 3 days of vaping. 

  • Patented Structure Realizes Effective Leakage Proof
  • The ITO anti-leakage structure with ingenious cavity applied in the cartridge effectively stores the poorly atomized e-liquid and condensate. At the same time, DORIC 20 SE, with its innovative dual-directional airflow intake design, precisely controls the airflow and solves the leakage problem.

  • Starter Friendly and Easy to Use
  • Stable Output: 
  • Having been tested and refined thousands of times, the stability of the output power of DORIC 20 SE has been greatly guaranteed. It brings a steady taste from the first to the last puff with steady output power, regardless of whether it is fully charged or low on battery.

  • Auto Draw: 
  • With automatic draw instead of air adjustment, DORIC 20 SE precisely sets the optimal air inlet based on each vaping, automatically providing the best output power of the coil, and bringing the most appropriate vaping experience. (VOOPOO ITO Cartridge 1.0Ω is recommended as it provides the best taste)

  • Visible Capacity: 
  • With a 360° visible capacity, DORIC 20 SE makes the oil-filling easier and keeps users away from anxiety about the rest oil volume. 

  • Bottom Anti-Skid Design:
  • With the corrugated pattern anti-skid design at the bottom, DORIC 20 SE is freestanding casually.

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