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Butt Plug Tail Set "Sonic"

Butt Plug Tail Set "Sonic"

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With these exquisite Black and Royal Blue foxtail butt plugs, you'll have a way to show off your kinkiest side. Displaying sexual beauty on a whole new level and enhancing your sexual pleasure all at the same time. Featuring an ultra-soft, fluffy, durable, and extremely easy to care for tail plug set.

Each hand-selected tail measures 17 inches of luxurious real fox tail fur and uses the most convenient natural-looking detachable butt plug design. Allowing for easy cleaning and convenience. Available in three plug sizes, all interchangeable with our tails. So upgrading to the next size up is a breeze. Simply unscrew the previous butt plug and screw on one of our larger butt plugs. It's the perfect way to enjoy an intimate and safe play session while enjoying an intense and sensual experience. Suppose you want to see your master or partner's eyes get bigger than saucers just by looking at you. In that case, you should definitely get this foxtail butt plug set.


F O X T A I L ∙ B U T T P L U G

• Material: High-Quality Real Fox Fur

• Tail Color: ∙ Black ∙ Royal Blue

• Dimensions: 17 Inch Tail Length, 20 Inches With Butt Plug of Smooth and Luxurious Strokeable Genuine Fur

• Two Matching Ears Available: Royal Blue Cat Ears or Black, Royal Blue and White Wolf Ears


H E A D B A N D ∙ S T Y L E ∙ T Y P E S

∙ These Realistic ears are adjustable, comfortable, and can be moved up or down along the Headband to fit everyone's head. Handmade using the best quality faux fur around. The durable Alice bands used are also flexible and stretch as needed to comfortably fit everyone

∙ After shipping the ears may also look a little flat and out of shape, please fluff them up and adjust them back into tip-top shape adjusting the fur the way you like it

* To find the right headband style for you, please click the dropdown menu displaying "Plug Size / Options" Then click the different options. The photos are linked to the ear style chosen and shown in the image displayed. We offer two different headband styles in this listing

∙ Cat Ears - Solid Royal Blue faux fur

∙ Wolf Ears - Royal Blue and faux fur back, front displays Black, Royal Blue, and White coloring


I T E M ∙ B E N E F I T S

• Enhance The Natural Curve of Your Ass and The Supple Shape of Your Legs

• Detachable Screw Plug Design ∙ Allows For Simple Cleaning

• Three Differing Plug Sizes to Choose From

• Easily Upgrade to The Next Plug Size When Ready ∙ Saving You Time and Money

• Your Partner or Master Will be Stunned With Desire at Such a Sexy Sight

• Enhance and Invigorate Your Sex Life!


P L U G ∙ S I Z I N G

Small Plug:

• Over All Length: 2.75" Inches
• Widest point Diameter: 1.1" Inches / 2.54 cm
• Inserted Length: 2.5" /6.35 cm
• Stem Diameter: .35" / .89 cm
• Weight: 1.8 ounces / 50 grams

Medium Plug:

• Over All Length: 3.0" Inches
• Widest Point Diameter: 1.38" Inches / 3.56 cm
• Inserted length: 2.8" / 7.11 cm
• Stem Diameter: .35" / .89 cm
• Weight: 3.3 ounces / 94 grams

Large Plug:

• Over All Length: 3.5" Inches 
• Widest Point Diameter: 1.61" / 4.32 cm
• Inserted length: 3.25" / 8.26 cm
• Stem Diameter: .50" / 1.3 cm
• Weight: 4.6 ounces / 150 grams


O T H E R ∙ I N F O R M A T I O N

• Packaged Discreetly

• All Items are nicely packaged and ready to gift

• All orders ship same-next day from 🇺🇸

• If you can't find the information you need or need some advice? Feel free to contact us. We are fast to reply :)


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